About Us

Just Flats Plymouth

Just Flats property management was Established in November 2015. We are an independent, local lettings agency based in Mutley, Plymouth dealing with all central and surrounding areas. Don't be fooled by the name, we take on pretty much anything - from an eight bed house, to a garage! We have three members of staff who work very close together, who believe in a friendly, approachable service. You can count on us to go above and beyond for our Landlords and our tenants, whether it be a major plumbing issue or a simple doorbell - we will sort it for you! We aren't your standard letting agency. Anyone is welcome to pop in for a chat or perhaps get some advice. Tenants and Landlords find us very approachable. We strive to keep thinks simple in this sometimes confusing and complicated business. We keep paperwork down to a minimum and never confuse our Tenants and Landlords with unneccessary information.

Here's a bit about us. Janine has been in the lettings business since 1998 where she co-founded a letting agency, running it from home, and eventually branched out into a premises on North Hill along with her then business partner. It soon became obvious that Janine had a real passion for property and still gets excited, even to this day, about viewing new property and helping Landlords and Tenants alike. She says there is no better feeling than obtaining a good Landlord, Tenant and Agency relationship. She has worked with many Landlords over the years, and many still come in to say hello and have a nice cup of tea and chat. Previous tenants also can't resist popping in to say hi! Janine is our front of house lettings manager. Our second member of staff, Jade, runs the accounts in our Plymouth office. She keeps an eye on incoming rent and pays our Landlords directly, on a day of their choosing. Jade focuses on ensuring Landlords are paid in a quick and efficient manner whilst also ensuring our contractors are paid and happy. She keeps an open communication with tenants, whether it be rent issues, general questions or even just for advice - to ensure our tenants and landlords are always on the same page. Although based mainly in the office, Jade occassionally accompanies viewings and assists with move ins, and, like Janine, gets that excitement for meeting new people and viewing new property!

There is never a dull day in our office. We are positive, happy people and we show that in our business.

Come in and say hello!